Thursday, May 31, 2012

22% of US gamers play across PC, console, tablet and portable, and ...

Gaming market research firm Newzoo has described an alternative way to segment the games market.

This new model is based on the games and four possible screens - personal, entertainment, floating, and computer.

Newzoo argues that this approach is unmatched for showing single- and cross-screen growth opportunities.

Generally speaking, the entertainment screen is a consumer's television (console-based), the personal screen is their mobile, and the computer screen is obviously their desktop or laptop PC.

The 'floating' screen could be a handheld console or tablet.

Newzoo's research, based on its survey data, shows that 22 percent of America's estimated 153 million gamers already use all four screens to play games.

That figure rises to 31 percent when you look specifically at gamers who pay to play games.?

Newzoo reckons the US games market is worth $21.9 billion annually.?

Break it down

With 91 percent of gamers playing on a computer screen, it's currently far and away the most popular screen for gaming.

But the personal screen (mobile) is jostling for second position with the entertainment screen (TV), 67 percent of gamers play on their entertainment screen, while 59 percent play on their personal screen.

But despite attracting so many gamers, the personal screen accounts for only 8 percent of the money these 153 million Americans spend on their pastime.

It's a disparity which points to growth, Newzoo says, and its notable that although only 31 percent of gamers play on floating screens (tablets/portables), they generated 50 percent more money than personal screens (mobiles).

The lowdown

But, why segment the gaming market this way?

Newzoo CEO Peter Warman explained, "Our clients need to look ahead and our new approach is aimed at inspiring our clients and sizing concrete opportunities in a way that still makes sense in five years.

"Naturally we will, in parallel, keep segmenting the market in the traditional way,? he concluded.

You can see an infographic with the full results here.?

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