Friday, May 25, 2012

Hard Knocks of Motherhood

I have been out of comission for 3 days.? Sparing future scaring, not sharing details.? I was sick.?? But what does that actually mean?

I got up Monday and took the kids to school and picked them up like normal.? I worked, though I felt miserable.

By the time my husband got home and I grumbled at him, he took over with the kids and I went to bed.? The next day he actually stayed home and got the kids off to school (thank you) and I slept a lot and worked when I could.? I even picked up my daughter from school, took her to dance lessons and taught a meal planning class Tuesday.? Came home and went back to bed.

Wednesday, felt better, could not talk normal and drank lots of liquids and started feeling like myself late in the evening with ENERGY!

I didn?t really eat for 3 days, I lost 7 pounds! (Bonus).? But it just shows that you can be awefully sick, and you are still required to be MOM.? I was thankful for my hubby?s help and that he did feed the kids so I wasn?t touching their food.? Thankful for my parents for taking care of my son for me, (they are so good to him he comes back rotten)

Whether you are sick or a single parent, it is hard knocks trying to maintain normal with kids and get things done.? Now off to do 4 days of dishes and pick up the house.

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