Friday, June 1, 2012

Slate Roofing Roofers Install Deter Fire and Ice

History says philosopher and scientist Isaac Newton stumbled upon the concept of gravity when an apple fell on top of his head. It's a good thing he wasn't anywhere near a house with loose slate roofing. Aside from its toughness and beauty, a slate tile falling off the roof could've killed him.

Slate roofing is, in simple terms, putting rocks for your roof like cladding a battering ram in steel armor. In the U.S., quarrying for slate didn't come until the latter half of the 19th century; but its use for roofing came as early as the early 17th century. In Jamestown, Virginia, scientists uncovered slate roofing dating back 1625 to 1650, as well as others between 1640 and 1670. At the time, the homes with slate roofing were designed primarily to deter fire.

Since many buildings in the country were mostly made out of wood at the time, they were sitting ducks to even a small fire. Being rocks naturally, slate roofs made sure houses didn't catch fire when nearby houses or bushes were ablaze. Today, slate roofs still serve that primary purpose.

Slate roofs offer excellent protection from falling debris. Hail is one example, as it's notorious for leaving holes in roofs across the country. Tests done by the National Slate Association showed slate roofing as thick as 3/8 of an inch can withstand 2-inch hailstones traveling as fast as 76 miles per hour.

Another benefit of slate roofing NJ roofers install is it adds to the value of your home. Whether you're looking at it from afar or at point blank, slate roofing appears beautiful no matter how you look at it. Combine slate roofing with natural rock or brick siding and you'll get a house that isn't only expensive-looking but also historical to boot. Of course, other siding materials also go well with slate roofing.

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but slate roofing will prevent your home from suffering that fate. Its outstanding qualities will deter fire and hail, among others. Given the fact that slate roofs in Jamestown survived centuries, slate roofing NJ roofers offer can also last a lifetime.

For more details on slate roofing and its wonders, visit the official website of the National Slate Association at You can also find on their website tips on taking care of the slate roof NJ roofers residents call have to offer.

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