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Before you start mountain biking you really need to consider the type of riding that you will be enjoying. The are several types of bikes for you to choose from and with these mountain bike tips you will be able to make a knowledgeable decision on which bike is going to be best for you.

You love the idea of purchasing your very own mountain bike but it can become overwhelming when you begin to research which bike is best for you. Some of things you consider are price (of course), size of the bike, color and maybe even ease of use. You have been in a sporting goods store before and noticed that some mountain bikes seem harder to operate than others. But when it comes to purchasing the perfect mountain bike for you, this article has all the details you will ever need.

If you are new to cycling, the first thing you may notice is just how many different types of bikes are available these days. Choosing the right bike can be down right daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Let's try to clear things up. . .

No one bike can do everything. The first thing you need to consider is how you want to use the bike. Are you going to be using it mostly on the road? Do you want to take it off-road? Unless you're looking for a trick bike, beach cruiser, or other specialty type bike, there are really three main types of bikes: road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes.

There are several different types of mountain bikes currently available and the type you choose will be determined by the type of mountain biking you want to do. So with some research and by making some decisions you will find out what you want and then decide on the perfect mountain bike for your needs.

Firstly you need to learn about which different types of best mountain bikes brands are actually available.

XC Cross Country Mountain Bikes

Probably the most popular mountain bike is the cross country bike. These cross-country mountain bikes are now the favorite bike among many of the newer riders. The reason for this is that XC bikes are built to be extremely light in weight. The advantage of this is that it makes it much easier to ride this type of mountain bike over hills and steeper and rougher terrain, without having to get off and walk.

So it's not really surprising that cross country mountain bikes are so popular and they have become the best selling mountain bike of choice for many. You may even find some bikers using their XC bikes to travel to and from their place of work. Some of these bikes are full-suspension and others may be hardtails and the one you choose really depends on where you will be doing most of your riding.

A couple of useful tips you should remember are that on rougher terrain a full suspension bike makes a huge difference to your ride quality and that hard tails tend to be lighter and faster, but don't provide such a comfortable ride.

DH Downhill Mountain Bikes

For the more experienced mountain biker the attraction of a downhill mountain bike is great. These well built bikes will almost always have heavy duty front and rear suspensions and full-on disc brakes. And you will also find that many downhill bikers will custom build their bikes to their own specifications.

On tip to remember here is that you need to be very experienced before you try downhill mountain biking as it is dangerous and you could get hurt! The guys that do this always wear special protective gear and strong full face helmets and if you want to watch some extreme biking action you should go and see some of these guys perform. As well as riding at hide speed on extreme mountain terrain they will often do high jumps too at different locations on their downhill trail.

PRO Professional Mountain Bikes

And of course, there are also the professional grade specialized mountain bikes built specifically for racing and mountain bike competitions. As you might expect, and just like those built for downhill mountain bikers, professional MTB bikes are bought by the most skilled of all bikers, who are really good mountain bikers with a lot of experience in both riding and competing.

These bikes are made of high quality and very light materials which means they are also very expensive to buy and some manufactures will only provide these bikes to their team riders for racing. These bikes also tend to be very strong and you will require a lot of skill to ride these correctly and get the most out of them.

Recreational Mountain Bikes

For those that don't need the high tech and high spec of a mountain bike from the XC, DH or PRO ranges there are a wide variety of more general use mountain bikes for recreational purposes. These are a good bike to start with and they are especially suitable for families as there will be bikes in these ranges for everyone in the family.

You can get the benefit of full suspension for ride comfort even if you and you kids do most of your riding on the road. With suspension forks at the front and rear of the mountain bike you will be able to go off-road in comfort and try mountain biking in it's real environment and have a lot of fun while doing so!

Consider these mountain bike tips on where to buy what you need. Apart from the professional bikes, you should be able to find most of the other types of mountain bike for sale at your local biking store or go online to find the best deals. Recreation mountain bikes may even be available from your local department store. But for better advice and technical knowledge you should visit a mountain bike shop and also test your favorite bike before you buy.

Mountain Bike Safety

Always remember though that whatever type of mountain bike you eventually choose to buy, you must make sure that your safety is well protected when you are out riding, even for short rides. So make the effort to always wear the proper safety equipment. A helmet is essential at all times!

So choose the best mountain bike for your ability, riding location and budget. Then go out and enjoy yourself, but ride safely!

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