Thursday, May 31, 2012

3 Online Marketing Guides for Real Estate Marketing ? Extensive ...

Online marketing are very useful tools to generates leads in the real estate industry. We have searched around, and found these 3 guides providing practical strategies and tools to promote real estate projects.

First Free Guide:?How to Attract Customers with Twitter

Everyone has a Twitter account, but how many of you actually use it for marketing purpose? The biggest mistake marketers make with Twitter is not realizing its full potential as a way to bring in more revenue.

This eBook, with a foreword by Laura Fitton, the author of ?Twitter for Dummies,? explains how to use the social network to drive real business results.

In this eBook, you will discover the different stages of optimizing your Twitter presence for attracting leads and customers.

  • Optimize your Twitter presence for brand awareness & search
  • Jump start your Twitter lead generation strategy
  • Measure the ROI of Twitter

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2nd Free Guide:?Learning SEO From the Experts: A Step-By-Step Guide

SEO is very useful tool to use for real estate projects, we see a lot of real estate marketing companies successfully implement them to attract investors from out-of-town and in international markets, but it can also be an expensive marketing strategy if not implemented correctly.

This?free 27-page SEO guide?covers all the elements of a successful SEO improvement strategy, including:

  • Identifying Keyword Opportunities
  • Mastering On-Page SEO
  • Link-Building Strategies
  • How to incorporate social media into your SEO efforts
  • Tips for Ongoing SEO Improvement

This guide features contributions from top experts in the SEO industry.

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3rd Free Guide:?Practical Social Media Tools

Over 70 tools you can use today to take your social media program to new heights. The Social Media Tools Guide is a comprehensive list of social media marketing tools that they recommend for organizations considering social media management responsibilities.

I use this Guide myself for our business, including for many real estate clients, I think it is a good and practical guide with many tips you can consider.

Format: Download.

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