Wednesday, June 20, 2012

South Florida to witness sea turtle hatchings

Deep in their sandy nests, hundreds of sea turtle eggs are waiting to hatch, and in a few weeks the hatchlings will make their way at night to the Atlantic Ocean.

Starting the first week in July, the Broward County Department of Parks and Recreation will host the annual turtle watch program that allows curious humans to learn about these marine babies before accompanying a naturalist to watch the nightly migration.

The Sea Turtles and their Babies program at the Anne Kolb Nature Center in Hollywood allows people of all ages to get a peek at a rare moment in nature. From the moment they leave the nest, sea turtles face dangers from poachers, unaware humans frolicking on the beach and artificial light.

The program at West Lake Park, 751 Sheridan St., Hollywood explains how conservationists and the public can aid the sea turtles? survival. Participants will also learn how to identify different species of South Florida sea turtles.

Participants must register in advance for the program, which takes place 8 p.m. Wednesdays and Fridays from July 6 to Aug. 31. The cost is $8 fee.

For more information, call the park at 954-357-5161.

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