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When Did You Last Review Your Business Continuity Plans? | Small ...

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Even the very best technology can sometimes fail and the more our businesses come to rely on technology, it is obvious that we need to be prepared to deal? with the possibility of failure, however unlikely that may seem.
Most businesses these days include business continuity as part of their overall strategic planning and disaster recovery is an intrinsic component of this.

However, something of a tradition has developed in some companies where business continuity has been the remit of business managers and disaster recovery has been rather partitioned off and become the responsibility of the IT department.? It doesn?t take much thought to realise that this is an approach which can quickly become part of the problem rather than any kind of workable IT support solutions.The vast majority of businesses would now find it virtually impossible to continue operating if their IT systems were down for any length of time. External suppliers who can deal with this are widely available and if you are seeking companies who provide IT recovery Surrey is an area where you will find this kind of service.

The implementation of best practice now requires that there should be a written disaster recovery plan which involves business continuity management in the event of an ?incident? and a thoroughly reliable IT disaster recovery procedure. The IT recovery solution must make sure that the most imprtant business-critical IT functions are in operation again as quickly as possible but it also needs to be regularly reviewed, tested and updated as new systems are installed and deployed.
Given the business critical nature of IT services many business managers are now activley seeking to outsource their IT support solutions including disaster recovery.
This makes more time available for the internal IT team to deal with day to day business issues and guarantees the availability of reliable IT support in the event of a major incident.

Unfortunately, there are many examples of businesses who have chosen to either ?go it alone? or who have not paid sufficient attention to the issues of business continuity and IT disaster recovery. In these situations, system failures which could have been dealt with quickly and efficiently had a plan and resources been in place, have resulted in major disruption to the business operation.

So, don?t get caught out and start looking now for a partner and for IT recovery Surrey is a great place to start your search.

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